“Be Safe. Be Masked.”

The following items are available for purchase on Zazzle.com. Simply click on the item your are interested in. You can even add your own text, change the color of the item, and much more!


The “Be safe. Be Masked.” design uses the Emoji Wearing a Surgical Mask Illustration that I posted a few days ago. The only difference is that this one has text (which, by the way, can be changed before purchase.) And like the illustration-only design, I created this to help spread the word about wearing masks.

During these Corona Virus, Covid-19 times we are all asked to wear masks when out in public. But let’s think about that: wearing masks helps prevent the spread of the virus, right? So following that logic, shouldn’t we also wear them when we’ve got the flu or even the common cold? While it might see “overkill” to wear masks that much, it actually can help out more than you think. Simply look at many Asian countries. It’s common to wear masks whenever you are sick.

Uses of the “Be Safe. Be Masked.” Illustration

My original intent was to make items that doctors, nurses, and any other medical professionals can benefit from. Stickers to hand out to patients. Buttons they can pin to their lab coats. Tote bags and even mugs. But I realized that pretty much anyone can use these. All that’s required is the design to help spread the word and keep everyone safe.