Colorful Green Mountains

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I love mountains. Specifically, green mountains filled with all sorts of trees and other green foliage. I grew up in the state of Michigan in America. Forests are a common feature of the state (that, and the 10,000 lakes that dot both the upper and lower peninsula.) But mountains… not so much. Actually, none at all.

And then I moved to Japan in 1995. A place where, at the time of writing this, I still live.

Japan IS the land of green mountains. Everywhere. What’s so shocking about this county’s landscape is that you can see a beautiful green range of mountains completely surrounded by perfectly flat rice paddies. No gentle hills or smaller mountains leading up to the range. Nope. Just a range of mountains that appears to have been dropped from the heavens above to land smack-dab in the middle of farm country.

Inspiration for the Green Mountains Illustration

Near my house in my area of Japan is a set of mountains called “Mikamiyama”. The name translates to “the mountain of three gods”, which is appropriate since it has three peaks. People can climb to the top-most peak and pray at the shrine there. I’ve made the climb three times so far. Mikamiyama became the inspiration for this illustration. I hope you enjoy it!

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