Colorful Surfboard on the Ocean

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Surfboard design has always fascinated me. There are so many shapes for different purposes. And the colorful surfboard designs are a joy to look at. Full disclosure: I’m not a surfer… but I wish I was. Surfing has always fascinated me. The balance and agility of the athletes. Their strength. Their poise. And their ability to go into the water despite the presence of sharks! (I both loathe and love those creatures of the deep. Shark Week fan, here!) Their colorful surfboards were also a draw to my creative side. Having grown up in Michigan in the United States the opportunity to surf was next to zero. Yeah, we had the Great Lakes. But the waves never got high enough. (And I didn’t live close enough to any of them even if they had decent waves.) So, unfortunately, I never had the chance to learn.

Inspiration for the Colorful Surfboard on the Ocean Design

Surprisingly, I wasn’t my attraction to the sport of surfing that inspired me to make this design. It was purely a coincidence. I was experimenting with a new design program called Artstudio Pro and was learning how this program handles clipping layers. A simple ellipse I had drawn slowly turned into the colorful surfboard illustration you see here.

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