Emoji Wearing a Surgical Mask

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This simple emoji face wearing a surgical mask illustration is the perfect way to help spread the word about the need to wear protection. With the ongoing Covid-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, we all need to be careful.

But that’s not all.

Wearing a mask whenever you are sick is always a good idea. People in many Asian countries wear surgical masks to help them and others in a variety of situations. For example: got the flu? Wear a mask. How about the common cold? Do the same. And even if you suffer from seasonal allergies, wearing a surgical mask will help ease the symptoms.

Inspiration for the Surgical Mask Illustration

Back at the beginning of the Corona Virus pandemic, people here in Japan (where I currently live) would shun others for simply coughing. No one seemed to care about why the person was coughing–just that they were. People didn’t stop to think that maybe they were suffering from allergies or asthma. At that time, many people made their own buttons, pin, and stickers of emoji faces wearing masks. So I, in turn, decided to do my part as well.

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