I Love Pineapple Pizza!

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It’s time to get controversial: Do you love pineapple pizza or do you hate pineapple pizza? I’ve seen many memes on social media were people proudly proclaim their allegiance to one of the two camps. I, myself, had always thought that pineapple pizza was an abomination of the food I had considered one of the four food groups. For years people tried to get me to eat it. When confronted I would simply fold my arms across my chest and turn my head away in disgust. Then one day, my college girlfriend had convinced me to try one bite. (Ahh, the things we do for love.) And just like the ending to the classic Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham”, I did indeed like it. I fact, I remember fighting her for the rest of the pizza.

Why Make a Design About Pineapple Pizza

I idea come to me after a rather heated conversation at work. My coworker, who had never tried this wonderful pizza, was strongly against even giving it a try. Nothing I said would make him budge and unfortunately he didn’t have a girlfriend to coax him into trying it. 😉 So I decided to make this design and buy the t-shirt myself. Now, I proudly wear the t-shirt in support of one of the most underrated food combinations!