I’m the Funniest!

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“Seven billion people on planet Earth and I’m the funniest one of the lot.” reads the text on this design. I originally saw a similar quote while perusing YouTube meme collection videos (a great place for inspiration, if you ask me.) There are quite a lot of them on the video streaming platform. It’s amazing what you’ll find on the Internet. So many creative people. So many funny people writing funny things to friends, family, and the public in general. Some people might think that the Internet has become the downfall to interpersonal relationships. Others believe that it has only opened another avenue of connection with both positives and negatives. Whatever the case may be (and I’m certainly not here to preach one view or the other), the Internet has certainly opened the world up to incredibly funny people that they would have never known without it.

Who Do I Think Is The Funniest Person?

Wow! A tough question indeed. I currently enjoy the comedy of Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, and Joe Rogan (his podcast is awesome, too.) But in the past I listened to greats such as Steve Martin and the colossal Robin Williams.

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