It’s In! Tennis Ball and Tennis Court

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The inspiration for the tennis ball illustration came from the fact that I am literally surrounded by tennis players. Both my son and my daughter play, having taken tennis lessons since they were wee little ones. My wife as well is a tennis player. In fact, she has been playing ever since she was a young girl and even majored in PE in college. So, it was natural to design something for them. I had also played the sport when I was in junior high school. But that hobby took a back seat to other hobbies that kept me busy.

Oh! And to my great joy, everyone in my family proudly wear their original t-shirts when out on the court volleying, serving, and smashing!

The app behind the Tennis Ball Illustration

This is another design that came from using a new piece of software called Artstudio Pro for the iPad. I designed this one right after the Colorful Surfboard on the Ocean Illustration. Artstudio Pro for the iPad is an amazing piece of software. It’s very, very close to Photoshop. But, unlike the monthly fee you must shell out to use Photoshop, Artstudio Pro is a one-time payment. If you’re interested in this software, here’s a link to its website: Artstudio Pro.