Kiss Me And Feed Me Tacos

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“Kiss me!” is an often heard cry of passion. It comes deep from within the heart combined with a hungry demand for complete satiation. On the other hand, “Feed me tacos!” is not heard as much. But to some, it holds just as much passion as the need for a good bit of lip lock. I’m pretty sure that enjoying a delicious Mexican taco would satiate a different kind of hunger as well — the reoccurring daily kind of hunger. But what happens when you crave both? That’s where this design comes in perfectly!

Inspiration for the “Kiss Me And Feed Me Tacos” design

The inspiration for this design came from a Facebook post by a old high school friend. I don’t mean that she is “old”, but, well… you know what I mean. 😉 She had posted an image that said “Kiss me and buy me tacos.” That was enough to spark the idea of creating this. As per her request, I also put this design on a giant mug as well. Thank you, Kathy! I hope you get all the kisses and tacos that your heart desires. All of them flavored to taste, hot and spicy, and both lip-smackingly satisfying. <3