Let’s Get To Work!

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The “Let’s get to work” text design has two rather different meanings. One of them is pretty straight forward. The other, well… read on.

Meaning one of “Let’s get to work!”

During these trying times of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), an extreme lockdown has forced many Americans out of their jobs. To some, this is a justified response to the pandemic. But to others, it is an injustice. They want to go back to their jobs. The reason isn’t so much as to support the companies they work for. Nope. It’s to earn money just to stay alive. No money equals no food. No money equals no place to live. And evidence has shown that this forced lockdown even has damaging effects on people’s mental health as well. If you support the right to work and are against the forced lockdown, then this design is for you.

Meaning two

In a not-so-serious tone, the motto can simply be a call to get people motivated to do any job. Do you have a large project that requires everyone’s full motivation and energy? How about a cause that needs all of the volunteers to pull with strength together? If this sounds like you, then this design will fit your needs perfectly.