Social Distancing with “Is it safe yet?”

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In the age of covid-19 (Corona Virus), social distancing is more important than ever. It effects everyone—and shockingly so. Not only must we keep approximately six feet away from others, wear surgical masks when out and about, and wash our hands until we’ve removed all the layers of skin and even a little flesh underneath, we must also stay home as much as possible.

And even though this is a very serious topic, every now and then it’s important laugh a little. To let out some of your “pent-up” frustrations (see what I did there?) and remove the heavy cloak that’s been bogging you down.

Why make a design about social distancing?

Good question. I guess I sort of already answered it above: to let out a little steam at being cooped up. We all relieve stress in different ways. Some binge watch videos, others read books or meditate, still even others exercise. But me: I do art. And during this whole social distancing phase of 2020, I engaged in a lot of it!

Let me conclude by saying that I hope that everyone who reads this is staying safe and staying healthy. Hang in there, it’ll be over before you know it. And we’ll all breathe a collective sigh of relief together.